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Not sore and stiff when I get out of bed in the morning. More energy. Feel better overall.

Linda – Minnesota 2015

I still have bad days (migraines) but I don’t think as many, in fact, the last 2 weeks have been completely migraine free, which is amazing.

Lori – Iowa 2015

I wear a bracelet and have an equestrian plate on my horse when barrel racing. Find my horse is more calm. I notice when I don’t have my bracelet on, don’t feel as well.

Brian – Minnesota 2014

I wear an anklet and a neck chain. My shoulders, knees and lower back don’t hurt like they used to. I lost my neck chain and could feel pain coming back and stress bothered me more. Went away after putting neck chain back on.

Phil – Minnesota 2013

I sat next to Renetta at a vendor reception at the Sioux Falls Farm and Home Show in January 2015. We were a table of mixed vendors not knowing each other. After introductions we asked each other what they sold. When Renetta told about Tuning Element I listened. My right shoulder had hurt for years, bad enough that to play cards I needed to use my left arm to raise my right arm. I asked if I could try on. I put the Tuning Element bracelet on and nothing happened so I kept it on overnight. The next day no improvement. My shoulder hurt so bad I paid Renetta. After a few weeks I noticed improvement. After a month it was much better. I was sold! On April 3, 2015 while traveling with my daughter my neck hurt to move it. I had chiropractic treatments for years to keep it flexible. I thought if Tuning Element worked for my shoulder, maybe it would for my neck. I called and ordered a neck chain. After a month or so my neck pain is free and good range of motion. I recommend this product to anyone in pain, it works.

Topper – South Dakota 2015

I had a nagging pain in my left upper arm for about a year and was diagnosed by a doctor as having bursitis. I bought a bracelet in Branson and two weeks later I noticed the nagging pain was gone and never has returned.

Renetta – Minnesota 2013

I bought the pet clip for my 8 year old lab who is terrified of thunder storms and loud noises. About an hour before the storm would hit she’d be up pacing around the house and just couldn’t get comfortable. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a tad skeptical at first when I heard about the idea. But I thought hey – at this point I’ve tried everything else so what’s a few more dollars thrown at this issue. The first storm was probably 4 days after she started wearing it and let me say I was happy to notice that she was improved. It wasn’t like her issues disappeared but I can say she didn’t pace that night – now it wasn’t really a bad storm and even with ones that have a lot of lightning she does get up but at least now on the smaller storms she can just wake up and resettle in and go back to sleep. I sleep better and I hope she does too. It really is amazing how this product works and I am thankful I have it to try.

Katie – Minnesota 2015

I have been a truck driver for 45 years. I have a lot of pain in my shoulders and upper back. I purchased a neck chain recently and within days could tell that my left shoulder and upper back were just about pain free and also felt some relief on my right side.

Mike – Pennsylvania 2015

My brother and sister in law both wear Tuning Element products and my brother bought me a box of the patch relief system because I was dealing with staph infection. I was put on medication and confined to a wheelchair for some time. I have since been told that the staph infection is all cleared up but I still have considerable pain and swelling in my ankle, and am still having to use a cane to get around. I ran into Renetta at a festival and refreshed her on my condition. She put an anklet on my ankle at 4 PM on a Friday. Within a very short time I could feel a drawing sensation from my ankle. The next morning I awoke and my swelling in my ankle had gone done considerably – to the point where the anklet, which was snug when put on me, was now hanging down on my ankle. And I didn’t have as much pain as I had previously, I even realized I had fallen asleep a lot easier the night before due to less pain. About 4 PM that day I decided to try to walk without my cane – and I did! I will continue to wear the anklet and work with Renetta as time goes on.

Cheryl – Minnesota 2015

I slept good before, now I sleep like a ROCK. I go to sleep at night and sleep the entire night and could sleep more! I feel good during the day and have great energy.

Jill – Minnesota 2016

Slept well…got up to use the bathroom and then went right back to sleep.

Brock – Minnesota 2016

I sleep light a rock now and my muscles are not as sore after a workout.

Art – Minnesota 2016

I wanted to send you a quick text and let you know that I have had 3 of the best nights sleep that I’ve had in a long time since buying my bracelet from you Sunday!

Jackie – Iowa 2016

I’ve had a numbness, tingling feeling from the middle of my back around to the front for a year. Just by wearing the Tuning Element patches, the annoyance was gone. I was also able to do 17 hours of homework in a row when normally I would be exhausted. I received the bracelet as a gift from my Grandma who has one and is relieved of back pain! Recently I took my bracelet off and forgot to put it back on for 3 days. In that time I had headaches, extreme back pain and a cold. Once I put it back on I came out of my slump and the back pain was diminished!

Abby – Iowa 2015

I received my Tuning Element bracelet as a gift. Since wearing my bracelet, I have slept better, feel more energetic and better focused throughout the day.

Dawn – Iowa 2013

It helps with my joint pain and my whole quality of life has much improved.

Tom – Iowa 2015

Sleeping better. Definite improvement with my neck. I used to go to the chiropractor once a week. Now, maybe once a month. Overall well being is good. Two flu bugs have passed through our family of 8 people – I had minimal symptoms… if any. Good deal!

Char – Washington 2015

Cured my day time hot flashes!!

Sheila – Minnesota 2016

My muscles don’t ache like they used to.

Todd – Minnesota 2016

I slept without pain!! The next morning my blood sugar reading was far less than expected. My feet are warm —- the blood is circulating again!! And more energy! Update October 2017 — I am off my diabetic medication!!

Barb – Minnesota 2016

I woke with a stiff neck and after putting my wife’s necklace on for 20 minutes it was gone. I also noticed a peaceful, relaxed feeling — I bought one for myself!!!! UPDATE August 2017 — I have been wearing my neckchain for a year and a half and have many great results – one being my teeth no longer hurt! And I get alot of compliments on how nice the neckchain looks.

Armin – Minnesota 2016

I am an electrician and working 12 hour days, that is very physical. Wearing the anklet I am feeling much better! I am not stiff and sore like I was without my anklet.

Andrew – Iowa 2015

Since wearing my bracelet I have not had to use any medication on my elbows for psoriasis.

Sharon – Minnesota 2015

Since wearing my Level III neckchain my blood platelets have lowered into the normal range.

Ronald – Minnesota 2016

I no longer have to wear my Tommy Copper leggings and arm bands since wearing my Tuning Element bracelet.

Brenna – Minnesota 2016

I bought a bracelet 2 years ago as I would always feel dizzy when I would stand. Since I purchased I do not have these dizzy spells when I stand.

Laura – Minnesota 2016

I am a gal who suffered from a severe broken leg and lots of back pain. Used pain killers to get relief. I purchased an anklet bracelet 9 months ago. I noticed lots of my pain has left and only time I need to use anything if it is too unbearable.

Arla – Iowa 2016

I had to take my Level II bracelet off as it needed repaired — I have had a backache since having it off.

Klair – Iowa 2016

I have only had my bracelet for a short time but already noticing great results.

Donna – Minnesota 2017

I took my anklet off after wearing non stop for 3 years, I wanted to see if I would notice anything — 3 days later I had to put it back on because of the back pain I was noticing again.

Jolene – Iowa 2017

When I put the bracelet on I felt like tunnels just opened up in my brain. Then when I started drinking from the Aqua Tune water bottle I felt as if things started opening up behind my eyes, clearer/clarity!

Linda – Minnesota 2017

I used to walk 2 miles and would ache after walking. Since wearing my bracelet I can walk 4 miles and my hip not hurting. Also, a friend of mine had extreme acid reflux and coughing, after wearing the neckchain it has greatly reduced the acid reflux and coughing.

Deb – Minnesota 2017

Had my bracelet off and noticed ill effects. Put my bracelet back on and feel better.

Buffy – Minnesota 2017

I have been wearing my bracelet for a year and a half and am no longer taking my fibromyalgia medication. I told my doctor about Tuning Element and my bracelet and he said he had heard of them!

Lori – Minnesota 2017

I bought my bracelet at fair in 2015 and my wife bought at fair in 2016 — my wife is no longer snoring.

Anonymous – Minnesota 2017

My son has had CML (chronic myogenic leukemia) for 15 years. He went for a cancer checkup and his blood test showed high thyroid numbers. He came down from Duluth that weekend in March and I gave him the Level 3 necklace I had bought for him and when he went back to the doctor 2 weeks later his thyroid numbers were normal and have been since (August) and no other problems.

Anonymous – Minnesota 2017

“Thanks for all that had me in their prayers and thoughts! Part one of back procedure went well….I’m just real tired…but thanks to Tuning Element products and Renetta Swanson the patches worked GREAT”

Shelley – Minnesota 2017

Has been a life saver, never take it off. Love it

Kathy – Iowa 2016

I’m already seeing different behaviors in the big dogs that are wearing the clips, it’s like they’re waking up.  **Update — Scooby lost her collar.  I’ll order 2 more tonight – she looks like a dog zombie again.

Judy – Texas 2018

“I have patience!!”

Jane – Iowa 2018

Since wearing the Level 3 neckchain for 5 weeks I have went from taking about 2-6 Advil a day for getting by to not using any the last couple weeks.

Anonymous – Minnesota 2018

I still have some pain but I was able to go off my depression medicine.

Anonymous – Iowa 2018

We have seen amazing results with our dog Dutch! I’m shocked and excited! No longer does he struggle with stiffness and soreness after his walks/swims in the lake, nor does he spend hours licking his paw/leg that he broke as a pup. Impressed. Thank you!

Erin L Olson – Minnesota 2018

Juno did not like thunder or fireworks but once we attached the pet clip to his collar he settled down and has been much more calm when it storms.

Sandi – Minnesota 2018

I bought a Master Clip from Renetta last Saturday and that night was the first night in 3 years that I had been able to turn over in bed without pain. I have done different things and nothing has seemed to work as well as the Master Clip. I am SOLD and I hope you will buy this product and make yourself better also!

Vicki – Minnesota 2018

I notice that when I have not had anything to drink out of my Aqua Tune water bottle for a while I notice that my energy is going down and I also can tell my pain is returning a little bit. Even just a little sip and I can tell, there is a big difference, my energy goes way up.

Nyla – Minnesota 2018

Hi, this is Darlene, just letting you know I have not wore my back brace since I put the necklace on. We have did a lot of walking and other things. It’s not perfect but so much better. I thank God for putting you where we could meet and I could get help. I knew you believed in your product, and now I do to. Thank you and God Bless you as you help other people!

Darlene – Arkansas 2019

Wanted to let you know my ankle swelling was down after wearing my Generation II Anklet for 1 day, so I had to take the extra link out. I also slept all night! I sent a friend to you on Sunday and he got something from you. He told me after wearing 1 day (Level I) he could notice something and I also noticed he wasn’t shuffling his feet when he walked. I am getting a Level 3 bracelet because if the Level 2 did this well imagine what wearing a Level 3 also will do! Update — When she came and picked up her Level 3 bracelet and an Aqua Tune water bottle she reported her ankle swelling had not returned and she even had forgotten to take her water pill that day and had been out shopping all that day and still no swelling! 

Wanda – Ohio 2019

Using the Tuning Element has made a huge improvement in my life. I can bend my knees and back so much better than I could prior to having it.

Douglas – Iowa 2019

I’ve been one who doesn’t drink enough water and I know I should. I have health issues and should be drinking the max amount of water recommended by health professions. This product is something that works for me! It tastes different – it’s palatable!! It makes it able to drink the quantity I need. So I recommend the Aqua Tune water bottle for that alone!

Marilyn – Minnesota 2019

So far no migraine! The hubby used the bottle on his neck that weekend for a nasty headache and it helped. I believe as of right now it’s the best $ I ever spent! I’m so glad you were at the show! God brought me to you as an answer to my prayers!

Michelle – Minnesota 2019

FYI – my fur babies are loving the water! Never seen my kitty drink so much at once & there was water already in bowl. Also, my kitchen sink was plugged since last night and as soon as I put the strainer on my water pipes & tried sink again (had tried earlier this morning before attaching strainer to pipe) it was unplugged and all the water in sink went down!!

Jessica – Minnesota 2019

Thank you so much for bringing Tuning Element to my attention!!! I got up this morning with no backache, used my nebulizer without coughing and my upper chest didn’t feel so full!!! And I slept better! I’M A BELIEVER!!

Irene – Minnesota 2019

I just wanted to stop by and tell you that you have changed my life since I bought the Cortex necklace one year ago. Have anyone call me and I will tell them how good this product is 563/249-2870.

Jeff – Iowa 2019

Hi! I still wear my heart necklace!! How long has it been? (7 years). I swear it keeps me balanced.

Marsha – Minnesota 2021

Renetta, I have to say that I can feel the difference already! My head is feeling a little woozy at the moment, but that’s to be expected when I introduce something new to my body. I can’t wait to see if I can actually get some sleep tonight for once!

Shannon – Minnesota 2021

I have better clarity and less pain in my shoulder. Definitely improving my health.

Joanne – Iowa 2022

My arthritic hands don’t hurt and I sleep better.

Carol – Iowa 2022

My name is Roger. Last year at the SPI show I purchased Cortex necklace. When I started wearing this I had prostate cancer. Today I am cancer free, my Dr’s are amazed! It really works. THANK YOU!!

Roger – 2023

I just got my bracelet 2 days ago. 1st night I slept like a baby and last night I got up once and right back to sleep.

Laura – Iowa 2023