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The Master Clip:

The Master Clip is Tuning Element’s latest breakthrough in around the clock support from our Medalist Equine Technology line.   The Master Clip frequency blend is based on frequencies found in Tuning Elements wellness jewelry line and Relief Patch line for people but was made stronger for large animals. The Master Clip sends beneficial supportive frequencies via sympathetic resonance without the need for an external power source.  Once the Master Clip is placed near the problem area, the body acts as a capacitor and the embedded frequencies are amplified by your own existing electrical system output.  The Master Clip supports optimum performance at the cellular level maximizing ATP energy production in the mitochondria of the cell. These benefits contribute to greater focus and faster recovery.

Our technology is noninvasive and it does not force the body, it invites the body.   Many relief and painkiller products sold on the market today force the cells in the body to yield to what it is introducing, which is invasive technology.  If a particular frequency in the clip isn’t needed, the body simply won’t use the frequency. If the body is in need of repairing something, it chooses to use those frequencies to support natural improvement.

We are all familiar with the biological processes and systems of the body, like circulation, digestion, and respiration …..but what allows the systems and cells to function as they do? What drives the physics side of the body? It is the electromagnetic energy system.  This is what the Master Clip technology does…. it is an energetic technology that supports the energy system, which in turn, drives the biological processes of the body.

Since the Master Clip was designed for big relief and big support it is not a surprise that it has become a customer favorite to boost their own relief results as well as their animals.

Made of high grade Titanium (same type as used in replacement body parts), anti-corrosion and safe to wear 24/7.  Has a heavy duty hinge AND comes with a heavy duty velcro strap — one size fits all!!  One unique and powerful product!

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