Harmony Patch For Women (6 patches per pack)


The Tuning Element Harmony Patch for Women is our first frequency blend designed only for women. The Harmony Frequency Patch (HFP) contains extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequencies (ELEMF), which are naturally emitted by the female body in healthy hormonal balance. HFP’s are not invasive and are not Hormone Replacement Therapy. They do not have any medication or herbals. HFPs are silicone-based metallic salt-infused patches that are permanently tuned with ELEMF, supporting normal female hormonal homeostatis.
Can Help Support:
Natural Hormonal Balance
Normal Menstrual Cycle
Management of PMS
Management of Endometriosis
Management of Menopausal Symptoms
The patches work strictly by sending ELEMF vibrational information to the body. They have no side effects and no contraindications with other types of treatments, medications or pacemakers. No allergic reactions have been reported in over 10,000 users in the USA, Asia and Europe. However, if redness at the application site occurs, please stop using patches and seek medical attention.
Apply Harmony Patches to the abdominal wall left lower and right lower quadrant at the acupuncture point (on top of each ovary). Apply two patches initially, one over each ovary, change one patch every 3-5 days, alternating between patches, so you always have two patches on. It is essential to maintain appropriate hydration for Harmony Patches to work appropriately. We recommend using Tuning Element’s product Aqua Tune Bottle, which produces structured water, enhancing the patch’s effectiveness.

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