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SIMPLE SCIENCE — No Magnets, Copper or Negative IonsBody-bottle

Tuning Element has radically re-invented health to the way it was intended. We support the mitochondria which is the powerplant of the cell, through sympathetic resonance.

Our technology is real and backed by doctors and university studies showing that it improved healing and is “non-harmful”. That’s important because many prescription medicines can produce “harmful” side effects.   Other than being very stylish, Tuning Element’s technology has no adverse side effects. Its only effect is helping you to be better balanced every day because it is engineered for life-enhancement.  Our products work so well that doctors, surgeons and our customers use Tuning Element technology in their daily practices.

Tuning element products have extremely low electromagnetic frequencies permanently embedded in the material… so low they don’t need a power supply outside of the electricity your body already produces. These frequencies stimulate the normalization of energy production (ATP) and activate the regenerative process of the cell (RNA and DNA) by supporting the human biofield. This causes your cells to return to energetic balance and self-heal and regenerate. Your cells begin to absorb water and release bi-products more efficiently, thus operating at a new healthier level. Therefore, your body can better address whatever issues that it’s faced with.


Tuning Element is the future of pain management. And the future is not having to manage your pain. There are so many unnatural things that pass through our bodies each day. From daily stresses, processed foods to the radio waves from our mobile devices, our bodies are constantly being thrown into chaos at a molecular level. Our technology acts much like a tuning fork you would use for tuning an instrument. We’ve precisely tuned our proprietary technology to fit your body’s energetic needs. It helps to restore your body’s natural energetic flow because everything starts in the energy flow, “First”.

Bio-Energetic Alignment Technology (B.E.A.T.) is the future.


Are you viewing this on a computer or mobile device? As you scroll through this page or click to view our products, you are imprinting your will on your device using your fingers. Our products work in the same manner. We’ve precisely tuned each of our products to imprint noninvasive all natural bio-energetic alignment into our body’s energy field.

Tuning Element’s bio-energetic tuning helps our bodies from tremendous amounts of electrosmog and stresses that can weaken our natural energetic processes.

Our technology is engineered for life-enhancement, helping to restore the natural order of things, allowing you to live life more fully and freely.