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No Magnets, Copper or Negative IonsBody-bottle


What’s in it?

Tuning Element invented a non-invasive technology that supports the normal function of the Human Biofield* which helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. We call this TE Technology. *The Biofield is defined by the US National Institutes of Health as “mass-less field, not necessarily electromagnetic, that surrounds and permeates living bodies and affects the body.” The term Biofield is recognized by the National Library of Medicine.

Tuning Element products are pro-cellular general wellness products. For example, you’re probably familiar with Probiotics, what people use to improve the health of their gut. You know that Probiotics don’t address any particular symptoms, they simply improve the health of the gut (stomach and intestines), so your gut can better handle whatever issue it’s facing. Tuning Element products similarly are pro-cellular wellness products. They help improve the health of the cells in your body by supporting the human biofield. Your cells receive supportive frequency blends that help your body function to it’s best natural ability and deal better with issues it’s faced with. Tuning Element products do not contain magnets, copper, or negative ions.

Tuning Element manufactures four lines of passive energy products: Tuning Element Jewelry, 5 Minute Relief Patches, Aqua-Tune Bottles, and Pet products. The four product lines operate differently, and have overlapping functions. There are three types of frequency blends embedded into Tuning Element’s products. Those frequency blends are supportive of healthy cell function. Others provide energetic information that supports specific organs and body systems. And still, others are embedded with frequency what is known as the Schumann Resonances. These portable, passive energy products do not require electricity or batteries. This passive technology helps optimize body and brain function, restores missing or reduced protoplasm communication, and accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal itself more efficiently. This is Tuning ElementTM Bio-Energetic Alignment TechnologyTM

How does it work

Tuning Element uses natural frequencies through skin contact to support your body’s electric system, or as the United States Institutes of Health call it, your Biofield. Think of Tuning Element products like a flash drive for your body. Our products have beneficial frequency data stored permanently in them, but they need a ‘computer’ (you) to function. You provide the power when it touches your skin because your body produces electricity every second. Likewise, these frequencies are “read” by corresponding cells  and their natural response is to function better, thus you function and feel better.