Domestic Orders Only

Domestic Orders Only

Rekindle your life with Tuning Element

Do you want to improve the health of the cells in your body, so your body can heal itself better?  If so, feel better with the widely accepted benefits of bio-resonance and the positive health and wellness effects of a properly tuned body via Tuning Element Bio Energetic Alignment Technology (B.E.A.T.)TM.

          At Tuning Element we have created a non-invasive wearable technology that supports the normal function of the human Biofield,* which helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. *The Biofield is defined by the U.S.A. National Institutes of Health as “a massless field not necessarily electromagnetic, that surrounds and permeates living bodies and affect the body.” The Tuning Element logo is comprised of two tuning forks representing Tuning Element’s technology and our body.  This highlights the action of sympathetic resonance supporting the best function of the human Biofield.  

Using our simple level finder you can decide which Tuning Element products are best to help you improve your health and healing. Find your level!

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